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The 6th ASEAN Festival

The 6th ASEAN Festival was held on Last Sunday, 19th June, at the Komamba International House, and it was a lively event full of things that reminded us of the food and culture of Southeast Asia. Many thanks to the organisers, Mr Bean, performers, people who helped out at the booth as well as the people who came down to see the event for making the event an enjoyable one despite the hall being a little hot as the air-conditioning was not working >.<

Mr Bean came down to set up a food stall for Singapore! Thank you Mr Bean, we missed the soyabean milk very much! 😛

Royce and our Executive Secretary, Xuemin, did Singapore proud for being first to perform for the cultural section of the event. Two National day songs close to heart “Home” and “一起走到” were sung and it sure made us nostalgic!

Up next, 6 people participated in a fashion walk, presenting Singapore’s national costumes to the track of “Singapore Town”. Thank you Esther, Su su, Chee Seng, Ying Hui, Ollin, Yinghui and our very own SSAJ president Ying Jian for being such a sport!

Of course, a big thank you to Esther, Evangeline, Michelle (our 2nd VP) and Ying Jian for spearheading the Singapore booth. (: Otsukare!

And, here are more pictures from the event! Thank you to all those who contributed to the photos!

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