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CS-SSAJ Ski Trip

The SSAJ flagship event of the year 2011, the ski and snowboarding trip, organized by us together with Contact Singapore, was successfully held on 16-18December 2011 at Sugadaira Kogen Ski Resort in Nagano Prefecture. It was a load of fun and good company and we thank every single one of the participants for helping us make the by far BIGGEST SSAJ event a success! (:

For those who miss it, or for those who want to reminisce the good times with us, here’s a little snippet of how our trip went…

The group leaders met up before hand for a briefing by the committee before the event… And after which went to Lawson 100 to get the next day’s breakfast for everyone!

And here we would like to give a big THANKS to the group leaders who were very efficient in handling the documents and passing information to the group members! (: Thank you!

Gathering point: people selecting the food for breakfast

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