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CS-SSAJ Ski Trip

The SSAJ flagship event of the year 2011, the ski and snowboarding trip, organized by us together with Contact Singapore, was successfully held on 16-18December 2011 at Sugadaira Kogen Ski Resort in Nagano Prefecture. It was a load of fun and good company and we thank every single one of the participants for helping us make the by far BIGGEST SSAJ event a success! (:

For those who miss it, or for those who want to reminisce the good times with us, here’s a little snippet of how our trip went…

The group leaders met up before hand for a briefing by the committee before the event… And after which went to Lawson 100 to get the next day’s breakfast for everyone!

I think we wiped the bread shelf very clean of stock…

And here we would like to give a big THANKS to the group leaders who were very efficient in handling the documents and passing information to the group members! (: Thank you!

Gathering point: people selecting the food for breakfast

After everyone had arrived and got their breakfast, we headed to the bus for a long ride to Nagano…

After reaching the Ski Resort, after rest and breakfast it was time to gear up for skiing!

With experienced skiers itching to test out the ski slope, and first-time skiers eager to pick up a new sport, we headed to the ski slopes…

After a long day of skiing, we had a hearty dinner of sukiyaki/shabubu tabehoudai, and showed the staff at the hotel diner the power of Singaporean’s appetites when it comes to buffets xP

Nope the day is not ending yet! After that came games, and a talk by Contact Singapore about the prospects of working in Singapore.

While people head back to their beds to sleep, the ones with energy left lingered on to have more fun.

Day 2: Repeat skiing! And those who got tired wandered around the streets attempting to make snowmans and enjoying the nice (cold) weather and scenery… At the end of the day, it was time to go back and all of us did with a great feeling of having a good work-out!

See you at the next event – the Chinese New Year gathering for more fun and get-togethers! Do sign up soon and newcomers do not hesitate because we always welcome make new friends! 😉


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