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Momijigari 2011 – Nokogiriyama, Chiba

A bunch of us (Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans included) went down to Nokogiri mountain on 12 November, Saturday, getting an injection of adventure and a well-deserved break from the routine of school assignments and office work!

We met at Tokyo station at 9am to set off for a 1.5 hour train ride to Hamakanaya station.

When we reach the station, we did a round of self introduction.

…And then we were ready to set off for the cable-car ride up up up to the mountain!

Standing from Nokogiriyama, breathtaking view surrounded us

Nokogiriyama is home to Japan’s largest Buddha statue, and many more Buddha statues. We chanced upon our first and very large one after walking for a little bit

…And there were many many more along the path to the largest Buddha statue

At last, after a relatively long track, we finally saw signs that we will be catching the sight our star of the show

…And before I insert photos of the giant buddha statue, I would like to take this time to thank the three main men armed with their heavy-duty cameras for providing this blog post with most of the awesome pictures that you see here!


Plus us livening up the scenery with a jump shot! 😛

Afterwards, it was a track down the mountain to catch a train back to Shinagawa, where we had a sumptuous a-la-carte buffet meal at a Chinese restaurant before the day trip finally has to come to an end. xP

We hope that the participants had as much fun as we had, and for those looking out for the next adventure with us, do sign up with us here for the ssaj ski trip coming soon! (:

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