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Summer Break 2023 BBQ in Singapore

Summer break in the months of August and September is a time when many of us are flying back to Singapore to enjoy our summer holidays. Whether its to escape the oppressive heat in Japan or catch-up with friends and family, it was a good opportunity to host an event to bring together our members.

On 8th Sept, we organized a summer BBQ in SG for our members around Tampines. Everybody brought a great deal of food, drinks and desserts and it was an enjoyable evening. We also invited members of JUGAS (Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore) to join us in this event. It was glad to see many kouhais who are about to embark on their journey to Japan being able to hear wise words of advice from our senpais and even dai-senpais from JUGAS!

Thank you everyone for coming down! To those of you who are starting your journey in Japan this autumn, SSAJ wishes a safe journey and we hope to see you all in Japan soon!

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