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Minna no Event Introduction: Board Games!

What are Minna no Events?

Minna no Events (皆のイベント) are SSAJ member initiated events! Generally, if they sense that there is enough interest, anyone can suggest an event for anything (bowling, NERF, chess, gundam building, you name it!). All they have to do is bring it up to the EXCO, through email or text message, or even verbally, and we can help you to set up a telegram chat for the group, poll for available dates, assist in booking and funding a location, all the messy logistic work :)

What is Board Games?

This is pretty self-explanatory, but we meet up every once in a while to play board games together! It doesn't have to be a board game, it can be cards, it could be chess, whatever you feel like trying out! We started out in a small room, and have since played dozens of rounds, lost friends in Uno, showed our tactical prowess in Avalon, and we even went to a Board Game cafe in Takadanobaba. As with any event, you can come and go as you like, and to bring food and just chill with us and watch the antics.

How can I join?

Look for the channel in the Channel directory of SSAJ's tokyo Telegram chat, join the chat and poll for dates, or wait for the next announced session! If you're not living in Tokyo but know a couple of friends who would absolutely roll you in monopoly, feel free to contact any of the EXCO members to start your own, and you could get help with location and funding! We'll support you the best we can.

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