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Minna no Event Introduction: Clothes Swap!

What are Minna no Events?

Minna no Events (皆のイベント) are SSAJ member initiated events! Generally, if they sense that there is enough interest, anyone can suggest an event for anything (bowling, NERF, chess, gundam building, you name it!). All they have to do is bring it up to the EXCO, through email or text message, or even verbally, and we can help you to set up a telegram chat for the group, poll for available dates, assist in booking and funding a location, all the messy logistic work :)

What is Clothes Swap?

At the Clothes Swap Minna no Event, you can bring your unwanted clothing and swap it for somebody else's. There's no fixed amount that needs to be swapped, and you could come empty handed if your talents lie in clearing somebody else's closet :) Also, if you're not too bothered with clothes and swapping and all of that, you're free to stop by to eat and chat.

When is it held?

Dates are polled in the Clothes Swap telegram chat, which can be found in the Channel directory!

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