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Christmas 2023 Event

Coming together to chat, play smash…and drink milo? We held Christmas celebrations on the 22nd of December! The semester’s woes had melted into a burgeoning sort of holiday spirit, and it goes without saying that there was plenty of food to go around! 

A lot of us spent time getting to know some new faces that have graced our event, or catching up with some familiar friends after a hectic semester away from each other. (I’ve missed everyone!) 

Would it be a Singaporean event without a ton of food? Sushi platters… Homemade turkey… AUTHENTIC MILO? Someone made a comment about cookhouse milo. 

Of course, there were games. Taiko no Tatsujin, mario party, and more! Even if we didn’t want to play a round it was still fun watching people burn bridges tussling it out in mario party (WHY IS thE CPu SO gOOd?), or watch half the room bob their heads when the Neon Genesis theme song came on. 

We parted ways in the cold dark of the streets of Okubo, full and warm :) Regardless of whether this is your first event with us, or your last (feel free to attend future events if you’re in town!), we hope that it brought some festive joy this Christmas!

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