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April 2023 Event: Hanami

This event happened on 6th April 2023. We apologise for chronology issues and are working to resolve it.

Spring in full swing! We gathered for a picnic right at the tail end of hanami season, 6th April 2023, at a quaint little spot near the river of a residential area. Tucked away at Akabane Sakuratsutsumi Park, there was a bit of residential area to walk through before you could get there, and at some point I thought I was lost. But walking to the bridge, voices of Singaporeans could be heard, and Sakura began to peak over the horizon.

People brought all sorts of food, sushi and cake, home made and omiyage, unagi cola (??)and easter mister donut, passing it all around conversation circles.

In the cool late afternoon we started to walk around the area, and the sakura in full bloom and laughter in the air backdrops this memory.

( By coincidence, one of my friends had run into her friend from primary school, though they went to different universities and had not really been in contact. For me as well, I made an offhand comment to someone that she reminded me of a secondary school schoolmate, and she turned out to be her sister! )

We walked back to the station having enjoyed a last taste of the hanami season. Join us for seasonal events and other gatherings!

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