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Momijigari 2013

Momijigari 2013

Last Sunday on 17 November, we met at Shinjuku station early in the morning at 8am and went to Mt Mitake for only yearly Momijigari. It has a long train ride to Mt Mitake but the scenery there was definitely worth the time spent. This time, we were divided into two groups, the rafting group and the hiking group. The hiking was not so much of hiking but we had lots of fun taking pictures of the red leaves and climbing up rocks taking random photos. Some of us even bought yuzu and kaki along the way as it was really interesting how they sold them.

We didn’t managed to go for the sake tour but I guess most of us got to buy the sake and keep the little cup for souvenir. After that we met up with the rafting team and some of them went for a late lunch after that!

The rafting team also ended up kayaking due to some miscommunication with the shop but it seems like they had lots of fun too!

Hope all the participants enjoyed themselves and we hope to see you guys again at our next event: Winter Trip 2013 – Kanazawa!

SSAJ Exco 2013

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