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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2013

Photo credits: Nam Liang Cheng

With one of the best turnouts ever, Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations 2013 saw the introduction of many students who arrived in Japan recently via the Autumn intake. And not forgetting, the gathering of many friends who have not seen each other in a long time. That night, SSAJ gathered at Doma-Doma and enjoyed dinner and drinks and did a round of self-introductions. Thanks to the self-introductions, we now know who are our fellow manga, anime, drama, music, sports (and others) aficionados, so next time whenever anyone of you would like to hold an event, you know who to invite! =)

After dinner, we moved over to Ueno Park where we welcomed more SSAJ members who were unable to join us for the dinner. There, we had mooncakes (yay!) and lanterns (yayyyy!) to celebrate the occasion. Thank you so much to Shu Shien who helped bring the lanterns all the way from Malaysia, Liang Cheng for the beautiful photos and… me for the mooncakes (sorry for being shameless). I definitely had a lot of fun, and I hope that all of you did too!

Thank you so much for being part of the event that night, and we hope that all of you (and those who did not manage to come that night) would continue to join our events! Please look out for our next event, Momijigari! =)


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