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Trip to Mt Fuji

On August 6, a bunch of us headed for a day trip to Mt Fuji as well as other places!

1st stop: Mt Fuji! We met at Shinjuku station before the bus set off for Mt Fuji. The bus ride there took longer than usual because of unforeseen heavy traffic so many of us were getting a little sleepy…

and… a little bored… 😛

After a bumpy ride up, we were met with not-so-good luck: it was drizzling, and really cloudy, so we couldn’t the view at all! But still, we climbed the mountain and looked around for a bit. It is a rare sight to be able to get a clear view from Mt Fuji, as the place is cloudy most of the time. Ah well, better luck next time!

See what we mean by cloudy? =/

However, with great company and a long list of activities ahead of us, the bus proceeded down the volcano to 2 amazing waterfalls: Shiraito Falls and Otodome Falls.

Then, we went to a milk-factory (although we couldn’t really see any factory) and sampled ice cream.

Up next, it’s our (and any Singaporean’s) favourite event of the day: all-you-can-eat grapes and peaches for 30minutes!

We had to cut the grapes fresh off the trees with a pair of scissors, and eat them just like that!

Last stop: Wine tasting!

There were barrels of wine for us to try out…

…And that marks the end of the day trip to Mt Fuji! (: Do look out and join us for our winter event: SKIING! We look forward to see you there!

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