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SSAJ goes to the 38th Edogawa Fireworks Festival!

Summer! Natsu-yasumi! Hanabi*! Along with other SSAJ members, I got to participate in this year’s Edogawa fireworks festival, kindly organized by Cao Lei, VP 2, and we were treated to one of the most amazing displays of pyrotechnics in the skies for this summer!

Photo credits: Ernest See

Edogawa recorded 1.4 million attendees this year. That’s a 7-digit attendance rate, with one entire stretch of Edogawa coastline being filled by scores and scores of people. But SSAJ, being smart as ever, weaved past the insanity to be right in front to catch the biggest fireworks ever. Sumidagawa, the other popular firework festival, was washed out for the first time in 36 years. We suspect that explains the good company we had for the night.

Photo credits: Nam Liang Cheng and Ernest See

The wait was all worth it when the insane fireworks begin to light up the skies for an entire hour, and the booms and bangs so sonorous, you could feel the earth shake. Some of the firework patterns defied physics, some humorous, some plain cute. Here’s the video of the finale.

Group photo with SSAJ (Nam Liang Cheng)

I have to say that nothing felt better than beating the summer heat with such an awe-inspiring display of fireworks, some good beer and great friends from SSAJ. Craving to see the magic for yourself? There are still a few ongoing festivals, but you can always come join us next year, so stay tuned!

*Natsu-yasumi (夏休み)= Summer Vacations *Hanabi(花火)= Fireworks


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