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September Event 2019: Mid-Autumn Welcome Party

The extremely belated Mid-Autumn Festival celebration was held on a cloudy Saturday evening, 28 September. Definitely no full moon or even the slightest trace of a moon in sight, but still when Singaporeans can get to gather as one the feeling of “fullness” is there. A warm welcome to all Singaporean Students in Japan both old and new!

The event began with an exciting round of Kahoot, to test our level of “SINGAPOREANESS” or how “JAPANESE” we have all become whether we have been here few days, few months or few years. Our fortunate winner, Jeremy was blessed with a medium-sized bottle of Sakura Coca Cola (Obviously, it’s not the Sakura Season, but modern technology allows us to have this flavour all year round!)

Our trusty UberEats delivery man  arrived with our long-awaited dinner and the cozy party began. A round of mooncakes were served at 8:30pm to round the event off. Participants were given a mini farewell gift of lanterns and coloured candles, because KIASU Singaporeans need some backup to light up their rooms in the event of another typhoon!

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