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Happy Chinese New Year everyone! (:

REUNITE@Tokyo, a Chinese New Year reunion lunch was held on 22January2012, Sunday, and we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who joined us for the lunch, Singaporeans and international friends alike, and added to the great company and festive atmosphere we have missed out at home!

Many gathered in the room the Chinese restaurant specially reserved for us. It was a little bit cramp but that made the reunion lunch more cosy huh! 😛

Once everyone was seated, we started the course off with a Singapore “yam-seng!!”

A generous lady from SAiJ gave out 4 packets of Ang Pow (with SG dollars) to 4 brave individuals who would go up to her and say some Chinese New Year idioms!

And after that, came the food and striking conversations, making new friends and getting to know the people around.

While waiting for the desserts, our Public Relations Officer Chee How organised a game for us: Charades guessing Chinese Idioms. No prizes though! It was the ultimate test of us Singaporean’s Chinese ability and we are sure glad that not all hope is lost in the standard of Singaporean’s Chinese >.<

Sooo that wraps up our CNY special event of the year! Again, we look forward to seeing you at our next event so do keep a lookout here, or our facebook page, for updates! (: Till next time!

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