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Partner Event 2019: JASSO 1st Annual Plenary Meeting

Don’t worry, you didn’t miss an event invite in our weekly newsletter!

Last weekend, a handful of SSAJ’s exco members attended the 1st Annual Plenary Meeting organised by one of our partners, JASSO (Japan Student Services Organisation), where they gave a presentation on SSAJ’s activities as a student organisation thus far.

JASSO’s international student association Japan network project was established as part of an initiative to create opportunities for different student associations to collaborate with one another. Asides from our exco, representatives from student associations from 7 other countries who under JASSO also took part in the plenary meeting.

The meeting was truly a great opportunity to network with and learn more about our overseas counterparts, possible event collaborations with various student associations can be anticipated in the near future.

Moving forward, SSAJ, alongside the student associations of the Philippines and Indonesia, has been appointed secretariat for JASSO’s 2nd annual plenary meeting.

We’ll be working hard to organise tons of fun events for you guys so please look forward to our future collaborations and growth as an association~~  |┐∵|┘ ミ └|∵┌|    |┐∵|┘ ミ └|∵┌|

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