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November Event 2018: Momijigari

Salutations, fellow Singaporeans~ It has been getting colder recently so please keep warm to avoid catching a cold!

Earlier this month, we held a mini Momijigari at Shiodome’s beautiful Hamarikyu gardens to celebrate the arrival of autumn, as well as that of new Singaporean students who enrolled this fall semester~

It was a chilly day but we kept ourselves warm by filling our bellies with lots of yummy hot food. We also went for a kushikatsu tabehoudai afterwards! The deep-fried castella cake with maple syrup was unexpectedly delicious and a hit with everyone.

Thank you to everyone who came down to Momijigari, and we hope to see you at our next event!

PS: We are currently accepting sign-ups for our annual winter trip in January right now. Click here to register!

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