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Momijigari 2015: Ranzan


For this year’s Momijigari, held on the 22nd of November 2015, SSAJ went to Saitama Prefecture’s Ranzan Town in search of glorious red leaves. We set off from Ikebukuro early in the morning to catch the express trains and made it to Ranzan just in time to set up our mats right by the river bank. With the smell of yakisoba and other matsuri delicacies in the air from the matsuri stalls, everyone made sure to fuel up and enjoyed their food with the cool air.

Suitably satisfied, we then proceeded on the momiji trail, resplendent with the autumnal streaks of colour that Nature provided. There was naturally much photo-taking, complete with long selfie sticks and large DSLRs. Who could resist taking a photo of themselves with such beauty all around?


We eventually ended the day at 4pm, heading back to Ikebukuro for dinner. To those who came, we hope you had a great time, and to those who missed it, don’t miss it next year!

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