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During Autumn in Japan, what else comes to mind but beautiful red leaves basking in cool weather under the warm sun? We had our annual Momiji-gari 紅葉狩り or red-leaves hunting on 16 November 2014 at Oku-tama!

The weather was perfect: blue sky and warm sun at a cool 15 degrees. We took a train down from Shinjuku, and another train that actually splits half it’s carriages one way and the other half in another during the journey there.

The red-leaves were in full bloom as you might say, with many trees brandishing the full colours of autumn with shades of yellow, red and a deep crimson. Some of us also braved our taste-buds by trying Oku-tama’s signature wasabi ice cream!

The day ended off with a train ride back to Shinjuku and dinner there. It was truly one to remember

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