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Mid Autumn Festival



On the 20th of September, SSAJ had our Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations! We know that we were a bit late compared to the actual date but hey, we just need an excuse to come together.

We had quite a lot of new faces who just came to Japan within the preceding weeks so we originally had a bit of trouble meeting. We all remember the days when we didn’t know where Hachiko is don’t we? But in the end things were fine!


We first went to have delicious Korean food before heading off to Komaba park for lanterns, sparklers and mooncakes. Given the number of new people who came, we were talking about some basic things and giving advice about living in Japan. The event also allowed some people to meet senpais in the same school. Other highlights include that one of our members had her first experience with stick sparklers during the event! Oh her face of apprehension.

Anyway, we want to thank all who participated in the event and especially the newcomers! We hope that you have a great time in Japan! And if you’re reading this and haven’t signed up with us, why not do so? We are always open to new members.


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