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June Meet-Up on 8 June

Last saturday, 8th June 2013, SSAJ gathered in Yoyogi for a relaxing afternoon of games followed by drinks and food.

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Part 1 was frisbee and board games in Yoyogi park. Though Tokyo has entered the hot and humid “Tsuyu” rainy season, we were blessed with plenty of sunshine and cool breeze as we played games and snacked on Singaporean favorites kindly contributed by SSAJ members.

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Part 2 was at Wara Wara @ JR Yoyogi Station. Having one’s nights out at a Japanese izakaya is common fare for the Japanese. SSAJ did its version as well, and it was a great success! Aside from the food and drinks, loads of Karaoke songs were enjoyed over the course of 2 hours. From the lovely duets by Jason Mraz, to the powerful Enka-styled songs of Ken Matsudaira, it was a night filled with music, talk and laughter.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the gathering, while fostering stronger bonds of friendship. The next event will be the AYNJ Asean Festival, which will be held on 20 July! Stay tuned for more updates, and we hope to see you there too!

Cao Lei

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