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July Event 2019: Card Game Party [Don’t Play Play!]

A big sincere thanks to all those who came to join the new EXCO’s first event of the year! Do look out for more exciting events in the year ahead with fellow Singaporeans in the land of Kimonos, Sakuras, Sashimi and MORE!

It was an enjoyable time bonding over some board games (yah…the original intention…), but to be more exact we actually immersed ourselves in rounds of Singapore’s wholesome party game “LIM PEH SAYS”. This created the endless streams of laughter that filled the air.

A simple dinner of pizzas was not so “SIMPLE” after all as our President decided to order multi-flavoured pizzas 🍕 at a slightly more premium price. You know those which has 4 flavours in 1 pizza! It certainly felt like we were having a pizza tasting session! There were some mini ice-cream puffs as desserts too, perhaps to prepare us for the upcoming sweltering summer heat …

And yeah… our mandatory photoshoot! Haha! The EXCO hopes to meet many of you all Singaporean Students in the coming months! See you SOON! =D

With 💗  from SSAJ EXCO 2019-20!

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