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January Event 2020: Winter Trip to Nikkō, Tochigi Prefecture

SSAJ had its Annual Winter Trip from 5th to 6th January 2020! This time, we headed to Nikkō in Tochigi Prefecture for a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Less than 3 hours away from Tokyo (Of course there is the faster option at a more premium price!), we were able to indulge ourselves in the scenic beauty of the area. Besides the UNESCO World Heritage Area, there were also splendid views of RIVERS, LAKES and WATERFALLS.

What’s even better is that we got to experience both “AUTUMN” and “WINTER” in just one trip, one day of maybe LEAF REMNANTS and another day of UNCEASING SHOWERS OF POWDERY SNOW! Another highlight of the trip was trying “YUBA (actually beancurd skin)”, we tried various forms of it, from SASHIMI, COOKED, BREAD and even ICE-CREAM!

SCROLL DOWN to have a feel of being there and get ideas for your next getaway!

Thanks to everyone who made this fun trip possible, and looking forward to more SSAJ events in 2020! 🙌

Departed Asakusa Station at 8.05 a.m., using the Nikko All Area Pass. It’s quite a steal! (thanks SSAJ)



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