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January Event 2019: Winter Trip

Happy 2019 everyone~ (^▽^)

We just had our annual winter trip, the first event of the year! We went on a 2 day 1 night trip to Hakone this time round~

Here’s the itinerary for those who missed it:

The view from our train~

We had 中華 for breakfast at a little restaurant on the way to the cable cars! Totally regret not getting the mapo ramen…

There was lots of squealing on the cable cars because half of us were busy taking videos and pictures and the rest were afraid of heights but the journey was thankfully really smooth for the most part. We even got an entire cable car to ourselves on the way down!

These pictures don’t do the actual scenery justice ;w;

We also had black eggs! Apparently eating these will increase your lifespan by 7 years. *swallows 10*

Even the chairs are eggs www

Fuji san was feeling sociable that day /)w(\

Our idol ラスちゃん, guardian of the gyoza specialty store we went to for dinner~

It happened to be strawberry(ichigo) day the day we went so the 7/11 shelves were fully stocked with strawberry sandos *Q*

*Plays One Piece OSTs in background*

It snowed the next day so we ended up changing some of our plans and went to the Hakone Gora park and Hakone Open-Air Museum instead.

Some of the flowers that managed to survive the cold (can’t say the same for myself TwT).

Duck Soba for lunch at Gora & an atas version of the ice cream truck uncle’s $2 ice cream bread at the Open Air Museum.

The museum even had an outdoor foot bath! But your poor secretary had to stay indoors because she wore tights instead of socks and was too lazy to take them off OTL.

Final bonus pic of everyone before our beloved Vice President underwent a near hour-long massage(torture) session and passed out on the hotel floor.

It was a really exhausting trip but we are super thankful for all of you guys who decided to travel all the way to Tokyo to join us. We had lots of fun so we hope that you did too!

If you missed this trip, please be sure to join us on the next!! (●´□`)♡

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