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Jan 2023 Event: CNY Celebrations

On 30th Jan 2023, we held our annual Chinese New Year celebrations in Shin-Okubo! In the middle of winter, we came together for celebrations and food. As per usual, it was run in the pot-luck style so everyone could bring something to the table, and soon the apartment was filled with all sorts of treats, even Chinese New-Year goodies we kiasu Singaporeans had stuffed into our luggages and brought back to Japan.

Of course, the star of the day was the Yusheng, supplied by the EXCO from the restaurant Little Merlion in Tokyo. No effort was spared in making it as intricate and auspicious as possible for the year ahead. In celebration of the new zodiac, the ingredients were carefully arranged into the shape of a rabbit! Aside from Yusheng, we had encouraged everyone to bring their rice cookers, and the mouthwatering smell of chicken rice from 7 different rice cookers was insane. (a room full of Singaporeans arguing about how to cook rice is the funniest thing I’ve seen. It turned out great even if we all tried different techniques!). Between the chicken rice, the yu sheng and the snacks, it really started to feel like Chinese New Year. There were even cringe-y new years songs blaring from speakers. Of course the only thing missing was the ang pao 😅

As all of us gathered over the table, we tossed the yusheng, some of us doing ‘air yusheng’ movements (waving your chopsticks from afar because you’re nowhere near the table).

For those of us who are not in Singapore during this season, this event was a great opportunity for all of us to come together again. We hope to see you at future events and Happy Lunar New Year!

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