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Hanami2012 was planned to be held on a Saturday, and we were very excited to receive responses for a potentially BIGGEST Hanami event that we have ever organised!

…However, the weather kami-sama didn’t cooperate with us and as the days go by, the trusty Japan weather forecast predicted that it will rain on the Saturday… xP

Like they  always say “the show must go on!” Cherry blossom viewing is a very special seasonal event and the time where we can organize a gathering for everyone without burning a hole in participants’ pockets, and so we shifted the event to Sunday, 15th April 2012.

Despite the last minute changes to the date of the event, we are very pleasantly surprised to still see a large response for the event and we thank every one of you for participating in Hanami2012 and made it a special one (:

Now on with the event details!

Started with everyone sitting in a circle to do self-introduction…

After that, we split into small 5 circles to play the games! We couldn’t think of a better name for the first game other than “Collection of random stuff”, which is a game where each small group will be given a piece of paper containing random items, and group members will have to gather em!

Gathering items

The second game we played was called 独一无二, where team members have to come up with the most number of “unique talents” in a limited time, and then see if the other groups can copy the same feat.

…And time passed so quickly that it was time to go home… We started off mostly as strangers and ended off friends, it was really good to get to know everyone and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next event!

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