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Get your JUGAS Associate Membership for FREE!

Dear SSAJ members,

JUGAS has offered all current Singaporean students in Japan the opportunity to take up the JUGAS Associate Membership for FREE!

Participating as an Absent (Associate) Member would allow you to:-

  1. gain exemption from paying the Entrance Fee of S$30;

  2. not have to pay annual subscription while studying in Japan;

  3. and enjoy almost all the benefits of a JUGAS member.

To take up this offer, kindly fill in the “JUGAS Membership Application Form” below, sign and date it, scan and insert your photo, and send the application form in DOC or PDF format to us at

Upon your graduation and return to Singapore, just scan and send us a copy of your degree certificate. Your Associate Membership will be converted to a 1-year Ordinary Membership commencing on the date of your return. Upon expiry of your 1-year Ordinary Membership, you could choose to do one of the following:-

A) pay a 1-time conversion fee (currently $300) to convert to a Life Membership; **highly recommended option B) pay an annual subscription (currently $30) to extend your Ordinary Membership for another year; or C) let your 1-year Ordinary Membership expire, and return to join JUGAS on a future date (in this case, you’ll have to subscribe as a new applicant and pay the Entrance Fee).

For SSAJ members who do not want to participate as JUGAS Associate Members now, but apply for the JUGAS Ordinary Membership upon their graduation and return to Singapore, we continue to offer the waiver of Entrance Fee and First Year Subscription upon their first year of return (from 1st April of the year of return to 31st March of the following year).

For your reference, relevant parts of the JUGAS Constitution have been appended below. We hope to see many SSAJ members taking up this offer and joining the JUGAS family.

Best regards, Membership Subcommittee JUGAS

At the Annual General Meeting 2010 in April, 2010, JUGAS proposed an amendment to our Constitution on re-defining Student Membership and including it into our Associate Membership. The amendment was approved by ROS in August 2010.

Under the new Clause 3 Associate Membership (c), SSAJ members now qualify to join JUGAS as Associate Members while studying in Japan.

3.   Associate Member

An Associate Member shall be a non-Japanese citizen with residency in the Republic of Singapore and who does not satisfy the qualification criteria of an Ordinary Member, but has been recognized by the Executive Committee as sharing the objectives of JUGAS.

An Associate Member typically satisfies one or more of the following conditions:- Qualifying Conditions:

a) a graduate of any officially recognized Japanese junior college or institute of higher learning, or their equivalent, in Japan; or b) a graduate of any officially recognized university outside Japan, with major or minor focus in the Japanese language or Japanese culture subjects, or having a strong basic/usage knowledge of the Japanese language; or c) a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident currently studying in a university/junior university/institute of higher learning in Japan.

The conditions are general guidelines and the Executive Committee shall have the flexibility to approve other similarly qualified members as associate members. Particularly under the category of Qualification Conditions b), the Executive Committee might approve the applications of past participants of the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) and other similar/equivalent programmes.

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