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Don’t Merlion Party

On June 22, SSAJ held it’s first event the new committee, the “Don’t Merlion Party”.

Although I was not able to join the first half of the event (karaoke), 8 people managed to attend, abuse and enjoy the unlimited flow of free drinks because we are Singaporean and have fun singing songs from anime, AKB48 and enka (courtesy of our beloved president) because we are in Japan after all.

After that, we proceeded for dinner in Shinjuku at Tenkuu no Shizuku, and were joined by 10 more people, including 5 guests from Yale NUS!

While according to many, there wasn’t enough food, I believe that the fact that we were able to meet up as in Singaporean group in the busiest city in the world, tell newcomers about our experiences in Tokyo and share our favourite places (including secret dating spots), and enjoy the free flow of alcohol was more than a memorable experience.

Do stay tuned for our next event “Hanabi Taikai” which means going to watch a fireworks festival. For those of you who haven’t been to one yet, Tokyo fireworks are not one to be missed so please join us for an evening of fun!



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