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Deepavali Prata Praty

In the spirit of Deepavali and with the increase in the number of Singaporean Indian students in the SSAJ, SSAJ hosted its first Deepavali gathering, which we christened ‘Prata Praty’, and no that is not a mistype!

As the name of the party would suggest, we indulged in one of our signature Singaporean Indian dishes, Roti Prata! Unfortunately, our lack of Indian culinary skill did not allow us to make the prata from scratch, so we used frozen pratas that we managed to find in at a local Indian shop. However, we successfully made Indian curry from scratch with our own recipe!


Looks fantastic doesn’t it?

Our lovely ladies also whipped up some mango lassi,  which was surprisingly simple to make and tasted very refreshing and went excellently with the prata.



While feasting on the curry, what else was there to do but to watch a Bollywood movie! We watched the famous 3 Idiots which is one of the best rated Bollywood movies to date.


I’m sure that everyone had a fantastic time and will be looking forward to it next year!


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