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August 2023 Kansai Event - Day Trip to Tamba-Sasayama

Earlier on 6 Aug, 5 of us embarked on a day trip to the town of Tamba-Sasayama in Hyogo Prefecture. Tamba-Sasayama is a rustic town located within the mountains of Hyogo Prefecture, a stark contrast to the industrial coastal cities such as Kobe and Amagasaki, which are much closer to Osaka. Much of the town's history has been preserved, especially the main attraction at the centre of the town: Sasayama Castle Oshoin. It was a clear and sunny day, and we were able to enjoy the castle and the surrounding rustic town!

Grounds of Sasayama Castle Oshoin

Thank you to everyone who came down and we hope to see more events in Kansai! If you have an idea for an SSAJ event and wanna make it happen, feel free to message any of the Exco members, or drop an open jio in any of our group chats (including those outside of Tokyo)! We'll be happy to work with you to organise it, and might even subsidize it if the gathering involves 4-5 or more SSAJ members!

Sasayama Castle Oshoin

Ojiyama Makekirai Inari Shrine

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