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8th ASEAN Festival

Last week, 20 July, SSAJ Exco and some volunteers set up a booth at Hollywood University, Roppongi to represent Singapore at the 8th ASEAN Festival. We sold chicken rice, lime juice and pineapple tarts, performed and did a mini fashion show showcasing the Singaporean culture!

We started off the day really early by preparing the materials for the chicken rice and lime juice while also rehearsing for the performance and decorating the booth. At the end of the day, though most of us were tired and still had to prepare for our exams/reports,we had lots of fun!! Well, a picture speaks more than a thousand words, and here we have more than tens of thousands of words for you, so please take a look through all of them!

Our booth!

Inline image 5

Everyone busy at work!

Inline image 10

Rehearsing for the performance!

Singapore’s multi-cultural fashion! (pardon us because we aren’t models…)

Inline image 13

Inline image 18

Our customers!

Inline image 20

Inline image 23

(Can anyone recognise Komatsu sensei? :D)

Again, we can’t stress enough how much we want to thank the volunteers for coming down to help us. To all those who came down (Kevin, Stephanie, Charmaine, Kah Kah, Wan Xin, Bao Zhen and Naomi) and lent us a helping hand, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!! The event would not have been a success without your help!

Thank you so much!!

Inline image 24

We really enjoyed ourselves and we do hope those who came down had a great time too! Although we have not yet decided what we will be doing at next year’s ASEAN Festival, we hope that you’ll contribute ideas and come down to offer us your support! See you next year!

Also, credits to our photographer, Liang Cheng, for his wonderful photos!


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