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7th Asean Festival-合!(Go!)- ASEAN

Amidst the busy life of Tokyo and 期末テスト期間 ( Final Exam Period), we were fortunate to be blessed with good weather as we went down on a Sunday to Hollywood University in Roppongi.

It was indeed an unforgettable day of fun and sweat for the SSAJ Exco Committee and Singaporeans alike as they worked hard to set up our very own Singapore booth, with a spread of mouthwatering local dishes of Chicken Rice, Claypot Rice and last but not least, Laksa.

Laksa by Prima

Prima products displayed at our booth.

Eustacia with Japanese friends dressed in costumes from the booth next to us

On behalf of SSAJ, we would like to thank everyone for coming to visit our booth and supporting us throughout this event. Special thanks goes out to our chefs Michelle, Heng Jie and Kevin, Eustacia who came dressed as the SIA girl to help us to represent Singapore in the costume segment and of course to Kevin & Marcus who amazed us all with their voice and courage to perform 2 Singapore songs during the cultural performance. ( However due to the video size limitations, I am not able to upload the video).

*If you’ve missed this opportunity to come down to this event, do stay tuned for many many more upcoming activities to meet your fellow Singaporeans. *

Here’s to many more many more exciting activities and events with all SSAJ members 🙂

Please do check out the pictures below in the gallery.


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