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Singapore Students' Association (Japan)

As the official association for Singaporean students studying in Japan, we provide a platform that connects & supports the well-being of Singaporeans in Japan.

Join SSAJ for a myriad of exciting social events that brighten up your weekends, food lobangs and job & internship support in Japan.

Membership is free. Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents who are full-time students or exchange students in any recognised Japanese institution are welcome to join.


Planning to Study in Japan?

Check out our sister portal, Study in Japan Singapore, that has information on undergraduate, graduate, and student exchange programmes to Japan. There is also information on cost of living in Japan, scholarships that are available, and a guide to the MEXT Scholarship & Singapore Government Scholarships to Japan.

Why Join SSAJ?


Studying in Japan isn't all about schoolwork or chionging for that "A". Make the best of your time here, meet new people and have fun! We're here to help you keep in touch with your Singaporean side, play some games, and also chill over some food. So join us and come for our events!


New in Japan and not sure what is going on in your school or just life in Japan in general? Our friendly SSAJ members are here to help, 24/7. Join our regional chat groups and reach out to Singaporeans in your neighbourhood. 

Besides, we jointly hold events with the Embassy, Singapore Global Network and the Singapore Association in Japan, so you get to meet people doing all sorts of interesting things in their lives.


On top of holding various talks with our guests, we also extend invitations to our members to participate in opportunities like professional job fairs.


Are you hunting for internships, part-time jobs, event-based jobs, full-time jobs in Japan, or full-time jobs in Singapore that value Japanese speakers?

Join our mailing list to keep tabs on all our lobangs!

We work with Singaporean and Japanese companies, government organisations, as well as recruitment firms to bring you the best lobangs.

Our lobangs aren't just for jobs - we also provide exclusive lobangs for food & beverage discounts for Singaporean establishments in Japan. So you can satiate both your inner foodie and cheapo at the same time!



Coming to Japan soon?

Pre-Departure Meeting

We organise a Pre-Departure Meeting for new students coming to Japan each semester (March for the Spring intake, August for the Autumn intake). It's generally a chill chit-chat session where you can get to know fellow full-time students and exchange students going over. So be sure to join our mailing list for the latest info!

SSAJ Pre-Departure Briefing Spring 2023_Slides (1).png

SSAJ Senpai-Kouhai 

We pair new incoming students ('kouhais') with existing students in Japan ('senpais') , who serve as a familiar point of contact, a great source of information, and a potential new friend! Students are grouped based on their interests as well.

Student's Guide to Japan

Presenting the 4th Edition of the Student's Guide to Japan, formerly known as "The Unofficial Guide to Studying in Japan". This guide will introduce you all the quirks and intricacies of living in Japan. From the visa application process to figuring out how to throw trash in Japan, it's the one-stop reference for everything you need to know  to make sure you don't paiseh and commit that cultural faux-pas when living in Japan.

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Members & Alumni



Students in Japan

Activities & Events

Join our mailing list and follow us on Instagram (@ssaj_japan) to get the latest on our activities and opportunities!

We usually organise social events for festivals, holidays and events (Hanami, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day etc.) as well as the ever-popular annual SSAJ trip! So be sure to join us when you can! :)

Join Us Today!

Become a member of SSAJ and receive updates on our events, job and internship opportunities, and keep in touch with what's happening in Japan & Singapore.

Just fill up the sign-up form here (psst, membership is free)!

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