Association Logo


This logo was designed and created by the 2008-2010 executive committee. A clean sharp look, as well as a meaningful logo was the main objective of creating this logo. The executive committee wanted a logo that is eye-catching and able to keep up with the times. We also wanted a logo that has a balance of both Singaporean and Japanese elements.

The two main features of this logo are:

  • Outline of Japan
  • Red dot

The outline of Japan represents our ambition to be a student association for Singaporean students throughout Japan and not just limiting ourselves to the Kanto or Kansai regions.

The red dot is representative of both Singapore and Japan. Singapore is often known as the “red dot on the map”. Japan’s flag is made up of a red dot in the centre. The positioning of the red dot is strategic as it is at Tokyo which represents the fact that our association is based in Tokyo.