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We work closely with the following Singaporean agencies and organisations to enable our members to enjoy student life here with fellow Singaporeans:

Partnership with the Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore (JUGAS)


The Singapore Students’ Association (Japan) is proud to partner the Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore (JUGAS) to provide our members with a complete experience even after they have graduated and returned to Singapore.

JUGAS, formed in 1970, is an alumni of non-Japanese citizens residing in the Republic of Singapore who have received their tertiary education in Japan. JUGAS organises and co-organises various annual and one-time activities for its members and the general public. These cultural, academic, social and educational activities not only facilitate interaction among JUGAS members and promote goodwill between Singapore and Japan, but also promote the general public’s understanding of Japanese culture and language.

In addition, each year, JUGAS organises a pre-departure briefing session for scholars who are leaving for their studies in Japan, where JUGAS members share their experiences and advised on studying and living in Japan. For more information about this pre-departure briefing, please contact JUGAS directly.

As a result of this partnership, SSAJ members who graduate from a Japanese university are entitled to a one year FREE membership in JUGAS. The $30 entrance fee and $30 membership fee (for the first year) will be waived if application to JUGAS is made upon return to Singapore. The application form is available on the JUGAS website.

Affiliation with ASEAN Youth Network in Japan (AYNJ)



The Singapore Students’ Association (Japan) is currently a member of the ASEAN Youth Network in Japan. As a member, we participate actively together with other student associations of various ASEAN countries to promote ASEAN as a whole to Japan. Events and activities of AYNJ include the annual ASEAN Festival where students of various countries promote their own country through food and cultural performances. To find out more about the ASEAN Youth Network in Japan, please visit their website.